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Day of The Soldier - A Remembrance Day Poem by Eli Penner

November 11, 2016
Day of the Soldier
by Eli Penner - 13 years old
Puppies, geraniums, sunsets and smiling faces.
This is the life of a father.
Love is plentiful,
Joy is continuous,
The day of the Soldier.
Life flips upside down.
Puppies become corpses,
Geraniums change into bloody trenches,
Sunsets turn grey from smoke,
And smiling faces warp to shattered bones.
This is the life of the soldier.
A life not wished by many,
A life that is only taken on by the bravest,
The most loyal,
The most sacrificing,
And the most loving,
Of all the people in the world.
These people decided,
To rather sleep in a muddy trench,
Than watch their children grow up.
Lest we forget who gave their all for us,
But got nothing in return.
And today is the day,
The day we admit we were selfish,
For not sticking out our necks,
Like the people lying in rest,
Under the ground,
Out of sight,
But not out of heart.
Lest we forget,
Those who died for us,
On this Remembrance Day.
Credit: Eli Penner - 13 years old
Written on November 11, 2016

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