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Zero Xeno Seeks Murmurations!

December 29, 2017
As the Founder of Zero Xeno, I daily strive to actively demonstrate the power of 'Murmurations' for the greater good of all. I created an acronym, 'TEAM-U' which describes how to tap into the power of mumurations. Through the amazing spectacle of murmurations, nature demonstrates the power of TEAM-U which is why I believe it's possible for all of us to corporately participate in this amazing behavior!
  • T = Together
  • E = Each
  • A = Agrees to
  • M= Move in
  • U = Unison
What is a Murmuration?
  • A flock of birds who gather by the the 1,000's.
What Do Murmurations Do?
  • Display a dazzling set of community behaviors.
How Do Murmurations Happen?
  • Through multitudes of individual responses to one another.
What is the Result of Murmurations?
  • A breath taking, incredible spectacle of order and change!
The Science of Murmurations
Scientists once thought murmurations in nature were achieved through corporate responses to a sole leader sending out a signal. A study published by the University of Rome has recently DISPROVED this theory.
It has been discovered that flocks of starling birds model a physical phenomenon called ‘Scale-Free Correlation’ to achieve murmurations. Scale-Free Correlation may sound high flaunting, but it's simply "A change in behavior of one bird in relation to a neighboring bird which results in the community ordered movement of a murmuration". The power of one individual making one choice that positively effects one neighbor, one friend or one family member is why murmurations happen.
Murmurations are able to create spontaneous group behaviors that bind one to another in unity and congruency. Each action of the individual dictates group behaviors and results in the achievement of the impossible!
TEAM-U is tangibly demonstrated in the animal kingdom through murmurations. Flocks of starling birds gather by the thousands to form murmurations which display dazzling community group behaviors made of multiple unique individual responses to one another resulting in a breath taking, incredible spectacle of order.
Watching a murmuration of starlings swirl, pulsate, draw together and then fan out in a synchronized flock formation is not only amazing and mesmerizing, it’s miraculous!
What Activates Murmurations?
It is interesting to note that the origin of a starling murmuration is thought to arise as a response to a pending attack from a predator like a peregrine falcon. The community movement achieved by close connection and communication to fellow starlings allows the flock to achieve a state of oneness resulting in a collective behavior which achieves safety for each individual starling.
Why Does Zero Xeno Seek Murmurations?
The threat hormone disrupting xenoestrogens represent globally requires a collective community response in order to create a worldwide solution. This is why my company Zero Xeno actively and strategically uses murmurations to achieve our goal of creating a xenoestrogen-free world for all!
We can save our world one choice at a time because that's how we broke it! Just imagine affecting change globally - a murmuration for all to participate in and see.
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by Bonnie Penner

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