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Who Is Zero Xeno?

ZX Enterprises Inc. ("Zero Xeno") is a company which focuses on xenoestrogen education and manufactures personal care products and household cleaners that are xenoestrogen-free. Zero Xeno is proud to be a 100% Canadian company owned exclusively by its original founder Bonnie Penner and is based in Kelowna, BC.
We manufacture and retail a line of consumable products under the categories of 'Beauty' 'Baby' 'Body' 'Clean' that are formulated with organic, food grade and naturally derived ingredients. The company was born out of necessity due to hormone related health issues personally experienced by our founder. Bonnie has spent the past 28 years perfecting her formulations to be incredibly effective, natural and of course, xenoestrogen-free!
Everything we sell and/or support is to the best of our knowledge free of known xenoestrogens. We strive to stay on top of current scientific research regarding hormone disrupting chemicals in order to educate consumers on the dangers of endocrine disruptors. We choose to use terminology that is easy to understand and work hard to provide you with solutions that are simple and achievable. We feel this empowers individuals to make changes that affect our world in very real and tangible ways.