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Meet Bonnie

Bonnie suffered from hormone related problems until she took her health into her own hands.

Founder's story
7 Steps to Eliminating Xenoestrogens

Protect yourself by following these 7 simple steps to eliminate up to 70% of xenoestrogens.

7 deadly estro-sins

Zero Xeno Blog

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate vs. Sodium Coco Sulfate

Most of us know that sodium lauryl sulfate is a potential health hazard. But what about sodium coco sulfate? Companies will say it's a gentler alternative since it's derived from coconuts. The truth is, sodium coco sulfate is basically the same as ...

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The 7 Deadly Estro-Sins: The BSFACTS Lesson 7 - "SPF/Sunscreen"

Do we really need sunscreen? And if we don't, how do we protect ourselves from the sun? Today we are finishing up our BSFACTS with the second 'S' in our series. This 'S' is for SPF, otherwise known as sunscreen. I know this will be tough for ...

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Watch 'The 7 Deadly Estro-Sins!" Cut through the 'BS' & learn the facts about xenoestrogens! Bonnie Penner 'The Xenoestrogen Expert' spoke @ The West Coast Woman's Show last week and educated the audience on what xenoestrogens are, where they...

Zero Xeno $10 Off Coupon As an extra thank you to all you women who stopped by our booth @ The West Coast Woman's Show this last weekend, we are providing a $10 off coupon for every $50.00 online purchase made at our online store.

Remember BPA-Free means BPS-Full! Xenoestrogens by another name are still xenoestrogens all the same! Avoid plastics with the #7 recycle symbol, avoid canned goods and say no thank you to receipts. Learn more... www.zeroxeno.com #zeroxeno...

About Zero Xeno

A message from our Founder, Bonnie Penner.
Zero Xeno is my personal 25 year journey of suffering and success related to hormone issues caused by xenoestrogens. I have made it my business to help people understand the dangers of endocrine disruptors and provide xenoestrogen-free products for the whole world to enjoy.
'Xeno' means foreign, so xenoestrogens are compounds that act like estrogens from a foreign source. They are man-made chemicals that mimic estrogen and impact hormone balance. My passion is to help others understand the health risks that may be hidden in the personal care products they use every day - the impact they have on themselves, their family and the environment. My goal is to educate the public by making scientific information easy to digest while providing solutions and alternatives which empower people to make healthy lifestyle choices.
The World Health Organization (WHO) recently published three papers declaring endocrine disrupting chemicals a global issue that needs immediate action. Thankfully Zero Xeno has taken action and provides you with the education and a vast selection of personal care products for you, your family, your home and even your pets. I encourage you to explore our online retail store and other retail locations that carry our wonderful xenoestrogen-free products today.

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