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Meet Bonnie

Bonnie suffered from hormone related problems until she took her health into her own hands.

Founder's story
7 Steps to Eliminating Xenoestrogens

Protect yourself by following these 7 simple steps to eliminate up to 70% of xenoestrogens.

7 deadly estro-sins

Zero Xeno Blog

The Green Washing Game

Ah yes, the Green Washing game. Is this a game you participate in unknowingly every day? Is it really a game or more of a ruse of the chemical industry? My take on Green Washing is that it is the act of making something sound environmentally friendly when in fact it’s no...

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Triclosan: The Illusion of Antibacterial

Most people use anti-bacterial products multiple times a day, every day because they believe they are using something that will improve their health and keep them safe from the dreaded dangers of bacteria. Many of those products contain ...

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What's one of the products everyone's been asking for? Kombucha Toner! Although we haven't manufactured it yet, Bonnie's made a special batch for those of you who can't live without it until we get it manufactured as Zero Xeno. Come by the store...

Happy Earth Day! The products we use get washed down the drain and eventually end up in our environment. Let's work together for a xenoestrogen-free world!

We already knew that testicles were sensitive, but human testes are over 100 times more susceptible to some EDC's than rodents! http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/275423.php

About Zero Xeno

We are Zero Xeno and we are just as concerned as you are about creating a safe environment for you and your loved ones.

We make it our business to help people understand the dangers of xenoestrogens. Xeno means foreign, so xenoestrogens are estrogens from a foreign source. They are man-made, chemical hormone disruptors that mimic estrogen and impact your hormone balance. We’re here to help you understand the health risks that may be hidden in your everyday beauty, body and household cleaning products. Our goal is to educate the public by making scientific information easy to digest while providing solutions and alternatives to empower people to make healthy lifestyle changes. Made in Canada 

We've taken Environmental Defence’s Pledge and promise to be free of 'The Toxic Ten' plus so much more.