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About Zero Xeno

About Zero Xeno

Zero Xeno started out with one woman, our founder Bonnie Penner, sharing her personal story about how xenoestrogens negatively impacted her hormones and the solutions she discovered along the way. Xenoestrogens are foreign, synthetic chemicals that mimic estrogen in the body and create hormone imbalances. Endocrine disruptors also negatively effect our environment and the creatures that live in it. Hormone disrupting chemicals have far-reaching effects and are found in products you use everyday. Sadly, industry has known about the negative impact of hormone disruptors for decades.
In today's world, 'Green' sells. Many brands that appear to be safe and eco-friendly are actually heavily 'Green Washed'. They claim to be all natural and safe when in fact they're filled with just as many chemicals as their commercial competition. At Zero Xeno we take pride in what goes into each of our products and not the cleaver marketing words put on the package. Our ingredients are selected based on their benefits, functionality and how they are extracted and derived. We don’t compromise and we don't cut corners - we add them! 
Recognizing there's a problem with the general public’s awareness of xenoestrogens and the availability of products that are xenoestrogen-free, Bonnie decided to address these issues. Zero Xeno exists to educate the public about where endocrine disrupting chemicals are hidden and how to avoid them. Additionally, we manufacture organic skin care products and household cleaners that are free of xenoestrogens. Zero Xeno strives to make Bonnie's message accessible to the world. We feel this empowers individuals to make real changes that affect our world in valuable and tangible ways.
Zero Xeno is a company that represents a lifestyle. We offer an opportunity for you to choose where you spend your money and think about how those choices affect your health and the well being of generations to come. At Zero Xeno you can find answers to your questions and the support you need to lead a healthy xenoestrogen-free life. 
Our products are proudly made in Canada. 
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