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Birth Control in My Pop Can?!

June 02, 2016
The title sounds more like a practical joke than a real life situation. This is no joke people, sadly it is a very true reality. In fact every time you crack open a nice cold pop, you may also be taking a daily dose of a chemical that your body thinks is estrogen! This is because most canned goods are coated with bisphenol A (BPA) which acts like or mimics estrogen and has been linked to hormone related cancers and infertility.
The Truth!
To help you better understand the truth of this absurd statement, lets travel back in time. A quick look at the history of BPA will give you insight into this xenoestrogen (a chemical that mimics estrogen). Knowledge is power, and my goal is to empower and help you make better choices.
History of BPA
Today BPA/BPS is used in a variety of products due to it's plastic hardening qualities.
Where BPA/BPS Hides
The best way to reduce the health risks associated with BPA/BPS is to reduce your exposure to it. If you don't know where this xenoestrogen is hidden how can you expect to avoid it. The below list will help you in your journey to go BPA/BPS-Free.
Potential Risks Associated With BPA/BPS
Click on Links - Please!
Before we get to the solutions, I want to encourage everyone to take a few extra minutes to click on the hyperlinks I provide. I understand the scientific studies are hard to digest, and I don't expect everyone to read them at length, but if you at the very least read the titles you will get the basics. I use scientific literature to validate the information I write about so everyone understands that the scientific community is very concerned about chemicals that mimic estrogen.
I hope to bridge the gap that currently exists between the average person and the scientific community. What they know, we should know, but in a more practical and easy to understand format.
This title basically tells you that bacteria in Kimchi, a fermented food can actually eliminate BPA. Who wouldn't want to know that kind of information!
Practical Solutions
Avoidance is the easiest and most practical solution when it comes to eliminating xenoestrogens. It is important to know 'what' to avoid but the practicality of 'how' to avoid BPA/BPS holds equal value.
  • Canned goods - choose glass or tetra packs
  • Plastic bottles/containers - avoid bottles with recycle symbols #7
  • Composite dental fillings - choose porcelain, enamel or gold fillings
  • Dental sealants - ask your dentist to remove current sealants/avoid new sealants
  • Store receipts - decline receipts unless absolutely necessary - wash hands frequently

Fermentation & Food Are the Detox Keys

Fermented cabbage contains the phytonutrients indole-3-carbinol, sulforaphane and d-glucarate and as do broccoli, cauliflower and other veggies belonging to the cruciferous family. These plant based chemicals are known to assist the body in estrogen metabolism/detoxification, including the foreign chemical kind of estrogen - xenoestrogens! Click on the hyperlinks to see how each of the items can help your body detoxify chemicals that mimic estrogen.

Don't make the mistake of eating pickled sauerkraut because it usually contains petroleum based vinegar, another xenoestrogen. Fermented sauerkraut should only have 3 ingredients - salt, water and cabbage... and of course all of the friendly bacteria that helps keep your gut healthy, clean and xenoestrogen-free!
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by Bonnie Penner

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