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Did You Know You Have an Acid Mantle?

November 01, 2015
Did you know Zero Xeno products are not only free of hormone disrupting xenoestrogen chemicals but that I formulated them to be in line with my mantra “Less is the New More?” I did this to help your body, your wallet, as well as the environment.
“Less is the New More” is a catchy little saying, but what does it really mean? For me, it means that when I endeavor to create a new product, the end formulation must be balanced, functional and health promoting without the use of nasty chemicals and of course affordable. Wondering how I achieve this? Keep reading and you'll find out!
Creative & Scientific
I'm a very creative person who is equally methodical and logical, which I recognize makes me a dichotomy, but I am what I am. When I decide it's time to create a new xenoestrogen-free product I will spend months researching the science behind my new envisioned creation. This ensures that when I get down to creating, I develop something that is useful, healthy and safe.
After my research is complete the fun stage of experimenting begins. The testing, the trial and error of product development and then - voila the finished potion emerges or what I like to call perfection!
My Castile based shampoo and body washes are an excellent example of my principle “Less is the New More” at work. In order to understand this better, lets first dive into a bit of the science. Don’t worry, I'll make it simple and easy to follow.
Hello Acid Mantle!
Did you know that your skin, hair and scalp have a natural protective layer called your acid mantle and if managed properly will provide you with beautiful skin, healthy hair and a balanced scalp. So what is your acid mantle and what does it do for you?
Sebum, an oily secretion produced by your sebaceous glands (tiny ducts adjacent to your hair follicles), waterproof your skin and hair. Sweat, a salty water solution made by your apocrine glands (tubular shaped glands connected to hair follicle canals), mix with sebum to form your body’s acid mantle.
This natural process helps protect your skin and hair from damaging elements such as the sun, the wind and pollution. Additionally, your acid mantle acts as a skin barrier on your epidermis (outer layer of skin) which inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi.
Goodbye Chemicals!
It is important to ensure your cleansing routine does not damage your skin's epidermal barrier. Exposure to high pH (11 to 12 pH) cleansers or shampoos that contain skin barrier disruption agents, like sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) will strip away your natural acid mantle and damage your skin's epidermis.
The gentle cleansing power of a gently alkaline Castile soap (8 to 9 pH) is an effective and natural way to remove sebum, oil and dirt that builds up inside your skin's pores and gets trapped beneath the cuticle layers (shingle shaped cells) of your hair shafts.
Many commercial shampoos and body washes use SLS/SLES in their formulations which are associated with the loss of your skin's epidermal barrier (acid mantle). On a toxicity level it is worthy to note that some scientists regard SLES as an environmental hazard due to its potential 1,4 dioxane contamination.
Use of SLS/SLES based shampoos and washes will damage your acid mantle and result in excessive or inadequate sebum production. In other words, your sebaceous glands go into overdrive and will either over produce oily sebum or shut down and under produce this necessary substance. This imbalance leads to more frequent washing of your skin and hair due to excess oil production and/or to the use of a medicated lotion or shampoo to treat your dry skin and itchy scalp.
Sadly the end result of an unbalanced cleansing routine for your body is self evident, and the need to purchase more personal care products is reflected in less $$ in your wallet, not to mention more toxic pollutants introduced into our environment!
Hello Healthy Skin & Hair
Due to the gentle nature of my Castile soap based shampoo and washes, most people find they need to moisturize their skin less often and shampoo their hair only a few times a week. Less money spent, more health realized, that's what I call balance!
My encapsulated principle of “Less is the New More” unpacked means that I formulate all of my products to be healthy for your body, our environment and your pocketbook. It's my way of helping you to maintain a healthier body, make choices that support a sustainable environment and of course, lead a xenoestrogen-free lifestyle.
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by Bonnie Penner

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