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Does Your Lotion Cause Endometriosis & PCOS?

January 14, 2018
Did you know that phthalates are a class of chemical plasticizers which are used as softeners in your hairspray, conditioners and lotions? They help your hair and skin retain a soft look and feel. Phthalates are also used in fragrances to make your perfume scent long lasting. 
Know the Diseases
Unfortunately, phthalates are known hormone disruptors that mimic estrogen and have been associated with various diseases of our modern world. These xenoestrogens are absorbed through your skin and go directly into your bloodstream. Phthalate's estrogen activity (EA) doesn't discriminate, it affects young and old alike. 
Know the 3 Keys
Thankfully there are simple and easy ways to avoid and detoxify estrogen mimicking chemicals from your body. Your first choice of course should be to use xenoestrogen-free products. Second, you need to learn how to avoid hidden phthalates, because trust me they are hidden in many unsuspecting places due to 'Greenwashing' techniques many company's practice. Third, it's essential to get educated on basic detoxification protocols science has discovered that remove phthalates and other xenoestrogens from your body.
Understanding the '3 Keys' is essential to your long term hormone health.  
  • Key #1 - Choose Xenoestrogen-Free Products
  • Key #2 - Learn Greenwashing Techniques
  • Key #3 - Engage in Detox Protocols
Know the Detoxes
One detox protocol everyone can include in their lives is to sweat more. Recent studies have proven that sweating effectively eliminates phthalates from your body. Hot yoga, far infrared saunas and steam rooms are some basic fun ways to encourage natural perspiration.
Glucuronidation, one of your liver's major phase 2 detoxification pathways assists in the removal of phthalates from your body. Supplying your liver with glucuronic acid is key to keeping your glucuronidation engine running smoothly. Consuming Kombucha, kefir and/or yogurt are my favorite ways to keep my body adequately supplied with glucuronic acid. The bonus factor for supporting your liver's glucuronidation detox pathway is that bisphenol A (another famous hormone disruptor) is eliminated from your body too.
Studies have shown curcumin naturally found in turmeric suppresses phthalate induced cancer. The added benefit of curcumin is that it has protective effects against PCOS and breast cancer, both of which are linked to BPA exposure. 
Knowledge is Power
Now that you're empowered with knowledge and understanding, you can and will win the battle against the xenoestrogen phthalates!
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by Bonnie Penner

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