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Integrity - The Business of Life

September 19, 2017
Have you ever contemplated what the most important value in life is?
Get to the Core
In my opinion integrity is life's core value as it holds within its very essence the power that all virtues intrinsically and naturally flow from. It is like a spring of water which wells up from deep within and spills out to create rivers, streams and lakes. Integrity is the starting point and the element that naturally nourishes and impacts all those that come in contact with it.
Integrity is pure, clean and life giving!
Why is the Core Important?
So what is integrity and why is it crucial to understand its importance as a core value?
Integrity is defined as "An internal system of principles which guide ones behavior with the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness." 
Integrity is always an active and willful choice which can never be forced. It empowers one to do what is right when no one else is watching or will ever notice because its rewards are intrinsic. It provides wholeness and strength. Integrity empowers one to behave in a steady and consistent manner. It is the one factor that leads a person to maintain a high level of standards even under various circumstances or situations.
The Test
In my life I have found that integrity is continually challenged by the small daily tests of life. It is something one has to fight for because it’s a purposeful choice not an obligation or a requirement. If you are a person of integrity you actively have to choose to do the right thing even when no one is watching or will ever notice what your choice was.
Understanding what integrity is helps one to navigate through life in an intelligent and purposeful manner. It naturally protects one from the pitfalls of relationship building with those who do not have integrity. Like oil and water, people of integrity naturally cannot mix with those who do not hold this core value.
Business of Life
The virtues of compassion, generosity, honesty, loyalty, dependability, respect, trust and wisdom naturally flow from those who choose to live a life of integrity. These virtues are valuable assets and generate a return on investment that are second to none in the business of life!
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by Bonnie Penner

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