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The Junk That Damages The Junk - Phthalates

April 02, 2014
So today's lesson on phthalates was taught to me by the two littlest men in my life, my 9 year old and my 11 year old sons. They went shopping with the biggest man in my life, my husband and bought a new kids DVD that came with a little trinket. This toy was a really neat slap on watch that flashed when you touched it. A young boy’s dream toy!
The Estrogen Laden Toy!
When I arrived home from work my excited sons came bounding towards me with their new flashing watch lighting the way. "What is this new thing I see" I said to my boys. "It's our new slap on flash watch!" they chimed in together. As I was looking at their new toy I noted how soft and flexible the wrist band was and thought to myself “Hmmmm probably loaded with the plastic softener phthalates.”
Not wanting to rain on their parade of excitement I “oohed” and “awed” over their new little trinket. Never mentioning my concern over the dangers of the estrogenic properties of phthalates their skin would be absorbing while wearing this watch.
The Junk That Damages The Junk - Phthalates
Then my youngest son pipes up all on his own "Well it's a really cool watch mom but it is very soft and probably has that stuff in it that you talk about all the time that might make my pen*s fall off, so I think we shouldn't keep it."  I thought to myself "Wow even a 9 year old can learn how to keep himself safe from xenoestrogens."
My more logical 11 year old then added in his two cents worth. "Well yes, it probably does contain those chemicals that turn boys into girls, but you know mom, she always says to think of solutions so let's not throw it away just yet."
A Fly on The Wall
I was like a fly on the wall now! My two little men discussing in their own child like way the dangers of phthalates and what the best solution to this most distressing problem could be. Quite the treat I might add. I do wish I had taken out my phone and videotaped their conversation! Suddenly, my 9 year old announced he had a plan!  "Why look the flasher pops off the soft plastic pen*s ruining wristband and can be put on a safer wristband."  "Well look at that." says my other son, "Why not see if it pops onto my real watch wristband that is made of cloth and safe from those bad chemicals."
By now of course I can barely keep my laughter and joy contained because my two youngest boys are not only so darn cute, but they are also understand the dangers phthalates may have on their future manhood. They are concerned about making good choices in spite of their overwhelming desire to keep the new flashy toy!
I am happy to report that their plan worked and they now have a two headed watch that is phthalate-free. They discovered the solution themselves and you could literally feel their empowerment which will help them in the future to make more xenoestrogen-free choices.
Layers & Levels
What my two little guys did was something I strive to teach others to do all the time. It's what I call "layers and levels." Unfortunately we live in a chemical riddled world today and cannot completely eradicate our exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals. We can however make good choices in small ways that will impact us and future generations without getting stressed and losing the fun and joy of life as demonstrated by my two young sons.
What is your layer and level? Maybe you just can't give up your favorite phthalate laced perfume. If that is your layer and level then why not just put the perfume on your clothes instead of your skin. That way you won't absorb it through your skin and can remain xenoestrogen-free. Great layer and level choice!
Or let's say you love your hard plastic polycarbonate water bottle made with #7 BPA/BPS estrogenic leaching chemicals. No problem, just don't put it through the dishwasher which scratches your water bottle in tiny amounts that causes the BPA/BPS to leach 100 fold more chemical estrogens. You could also replace your polycarbonate water bottle annually and you will have made another great layer and level choice!
Education is Empowerment
There are lots of great ways to simply and easily reduce your exposure to xenoestrogens daily. Get yourself educated on where these chemical hormone mimics are hidden and purchase xenoestrogen-free products whenever possible. Then take a moment or two and think about what your layer and level is, be empowered and start your journey to a xenoestrogen-free lifestyle today. It's easier than you might think!
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by Bonnie Penner

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