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Men Under Attack

July 23, 2017
The males of the world are facing an attack like never before. The war on masculinity is a silent war but is as devastating as a full on frontal attack. Has the reproductive apocalypse arrived?
Less of the Little Guys
A 2017 Study notes that sperm count has declined 50% - 60% in the last 40 years and with a significant drop seen in the last 25 years. In some European countries, sperm count has dropped by as much as a 1/3 since 1989. Much of the decline may be explained by daily exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals like BPA in pop cans, phthalates in cologne and benzophenone UV protectants in sunscreen. Sadly, unborn boys are also being attacked by these same estrogen mimicking xenoestrogens and anti-androgens which can result in genital malformations.
Less Guy Stuff
The onslaught of exposure to phthalates found in many cosmetics and body products pregnant women use daily is contributing to the 'feminization' of baby boys in the womb. According to scientists, anti-androgen chemicals block normal male testosterone and can cause genital abnormalities in newborn male infants. These abnormalities can include smaller penis size (micropenis), undescended testicles (cryptorchidism), hypospadias (misplaced urethral opening) and other differentiation in the male reproductive system.
Phthalates are a gender bending chemical and should be avoided by pregnant women. This however doesn't let fathers off the hook. Men need to wisely and responsibly choose products they use on their bodies everyday as well. Studies now point to the fact that a high concentration of phthalates in men may lead to delayed pregnancy in their female partners (due to the anti-androgen activity of this chemical hormone disruptor).
Less Muscles Too!
An additional area of interest to men may be how these endocrine disrupting chemicals wage war on their testosterone levels and subsequent muscle mass. A study at the University of Rochester Medical Center found links between phthalates and abdominal obesity and insulin resistance in men that had high concentrations of phthalates in their urine. Scientists are also exploring the idea that phthalates are contributing to the obesity epidemic of our modern world.
More Answers
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by Bonnie Penner

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