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Ocean of Solutions

July 01, 2019
My name is Bonnie Penner and I am the founder of Zero Xeno. I'm an activist who educates people on what xenoestrogens are, where they're hidden and how to avoid these dangerous hormone disrupting chemicals. I work dilligently to help people make healthier, informed choices for the benefit of humanity and our planet.
Enzymes Compost Microplastic
I'm seeking monetary support to further my research on the capabilities of laccase enzymes (found in edible white-rot fungus) to biodegrade macro/micro plastic pollution in our world's oceans and other waterways. I have completed many hours of research on the capabilities of laccase enzymes to degrade/compost endocrine disrupting chemicals released by macro and microplastic pollution (and the plastic itself). These copper dependent enzymes are ubiquitous in humans, animals, oceans, fresh water and wetland environments. I believe utilizing laccase enzymes in various ways will prove to be a safe and natural way to fix the problems macro/micro plastic have caused.
Raising money for my Ocean of Solutions Campaign will allow me to connect with scientists and innovators so that together we can find unique solutions to the global issue of plastic contaminated environments.
My Hypothesis
It is possible to remove "The Macro & Micro Plastic Garbage" in our world’s oceans and waterways by utilizing the degradation/composting abilities of natural laccase enzymes produced by microorganisms native to our environment.
A Xenoestrogen-free World!
Your support will allow my vision of creating a xenoestrogen-free world to be realized. No amount is too small, even $5 will help. 
My grassroot beginnings at the Kelowna Farmers' Market will always remain close to my heart. It was there that I first began the Zero Xeno Movement. I value my community and the support I've received. It's the reason I'm able to continue to fight the good fight for the benefit of all!
Click here to donate: Ocean of Solutions Go Fund Me Campaign.
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by Bonnie Penner

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