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Is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Hiding in Your Food?

August 03, 2015
Did you know that sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) might be hiding in your favorite omelet, your tasty unsuspecting marshmallow or your tangy fruit punch?
Burst Bubble
Sorry to burst your bubble (pun intended) but sadly SLS is in many processed foods you eat everyday, not just your shampoo and hand soapSo where and why do food companies add SLS to your foods? It's added to prepackaged 'ready made' egg white mixes to help make your omelet light and delicious! It's also added into your favorite marshmallow to make them extra fluffy.
Your favorite fruity drink powder or beverage is also suspect. If fumaric acid is used to make your juicy wonder drink more tangy then it most likely contains sodium lauryl sulfate. Fumaric acid does not incorporate well into liquids, but with the surfactant powers of SLS, it dissolves magically into water. Avoid beverages that contain fumaric acid and your hormones will thank you!
Disbelief Dispelled
Can't believe it's true that food manufactures add SLS to your food? Check out the FDA law that allows SLS in food products and Health Canada's list of permitted food additives.
Health Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) authorizes the use of SLS as a pesticide against cockroaches and other pesty bugs. The PMRA requires warning labels to state and I quote, "WARNING - POISON," "DANGER - SKIN IRRITANT," and "DANGER - EYE IRRITANT." 
Hmmm makes one think doesn't it?!
Restaurants Go Xenoestrogen-Free!
So what can you do? Well the next time you order an omelet at a restaurant ask your server to hold the sodium lauryl sulfate! Request that your favorite egg recipe to be made with real whole eggs and you will be well on your way to living xenoestrogen-free! Eggs are amazing super foods when SLS is left out.
Oh yes, and don't forget to educate your server about the dangers of xenoestrogens so they too can join The Zero Xeno Movement! It is very important that everyone learns what xenoestrogens are, where they are hidden and how to avoid them!
Green Washed Mallows
Unfortunately many times food manufactures use 'Green Washing' tactics to hide SLS. Companies don't have to list SLS on the ingredients of conventional marshmallows even though it is a vital part of the puffy mallow.
Who doesn't love a tasty little marshmallow once in a while, I know my kids do and I love to indulge them. Thankfully there are food manufacturers who make xenoestrogen-free marshmallows. What does one look for when purchasing a SLS-free mallow? Search for marshmallows that are non-fluffy, flat as a pancake and hard as rock! Just kidding - fluffy, tastey and safe to eat SLS-free marshmallows are out there, just read a little further to find out where.
Xenoestrogen-Free Marshmallows
Gelatin is the suspect ingredient you are looking to avoid when making your mallow selection. If your favorite brand uses gelatin, I recommend placing it back on the shelf and purchasing another brand. Manufactures can legally use SLS and I quote, "As a whipping agent at a level not to exceed 0.5 percent by weight of gelatin used in the preparation of marshmallows." 
Purchase gelatin-free marshmallows that use tapioca starch as a replacement ingredient and you and your family will be making a healthy xenoestrogen-free choice.
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by Bonnie Penner

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