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Who Am I? I Am ME Part of the Collective WE!

February 21, 2015
Labels Are Not ME!
People are always asking me who I am. They label me, “You are the founder of Zero Xeno, you are an entrepreneur and a business woman.”
Even my family and friends tell me who I am. They say “You’re my wife, my mother, or my friend.” All of these labels are just that, labels they don’t really tell me who I am. So the question remains who am I?
Personal Mission Statement
 A few years ago I discovered who I am and wrote my personal mission statement. I share this often with others so they too can discover who they are.
“Me being me, you being you. We won’t make a difference, we will be the difference. We are the puzzle one piece at a time.” 
Connected Again To the Collective WE
Last weekend I attended the Vancouver Wellness Show along with my team and connected with many great inspiring people. Contact with so many amazing individuals stirred a desire within me to once again write about the importance of the collective WE.
Who Am I?
So who am I? I am ME! 
Understanding that ME is only the first step in the collective WE is very important. The next vital step is to take the 'M' in ME and turn it upside down so it becomes the 'W' in WE!
Zero Xeno is built upon this very concept and is changing the world in many positive ways because there are many ME’s out there dedicated to creating a xenoestrogen-free world.
Understanding is the key to change so let me explain further the concept of I am ME - part of the collective WE. It’s simple really.
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
The basic image I created for my blog represents the connections between ME & WE. When looking at this picture it’s important to note the circles of life created when the ‘M’ in ME is turned upside down to become the ‘W’ in WE.
Did you notice there is not just one circle of life but 2! Did you know the number 2 represents completion, wholeness, strength and harmony?
The number 2 also represents the collective WE that comes from the individual ME. Both ME & WE are needed and complimentary to one another. Simply put WE needs ME and ME needs WE. In other worlds WE are all in this together.
ME, WE, Blue & Green
Take a moment and look a closer look at my diagram.
ME represents:
  • Expression of individuals
WE represents:
  • Collective expression of individuals, also known as community
Now take a second to look at my diagram. This time look at it through the microscope of color. Did you know that colors had so much meaning?
Blue represents:
  • Responsibility, stability, wisdom, depth, intelligence, confidence, loyalty & trust
  • Blue is the color of the sky & sea
Green represents:
  • Growth, life, harmony, health, safety, hope, unity and fertility
  • Green is the color of nature & life
Zero Xeno Corporate Culture
Now take a look at Zero Xeno’s corporate logo through the microscope of color and design.
Blue water drop represents:
  • Water from the sky & the sea
  • Expression of individuals
  • Corporate responsibility, stability, wisdom, depth, intelligence, confidence, loyalty & trust
Green leaves represents:
  • Plants from nature & life
  • Collective expression of individuals, also known as community
  • Corporate growth, life harmony, health, safety, hope, unity and fertility
Zero Xeno Movement – WE Can Change the World
Zero Xeno is here to change our world for the better. Many of you have joined “the Zero Xeno Movement” and are talking to your family and friends about the dangers of xenoestrogens. Every time this happens the ME turns into a collective WE and Zero Xeno’s vision of a “Xenoestrogen-Free World” is one step closer to being achieved!
You were created to be who you are. I was created to be who I am. Each of us plays a part in the collective WE. My ME role may be different than your ME role but no part is greater or lesser than the other. Both parts are of equal importance albeit different. Neither are ordinary or unnecessary, both are extra ordinary and always a necessity. Understanding this concept is how our planet can and will be changed for the positive.
Problems Complete the Puzzle
Each of us makes mistakes and experiences problems in life but they should not define who we are. They should be looked at as tools that help to strengthen both the ME and the collective WE. The puzzle is completed one piece at a time and when complete, is the sum of many.
Community = The Collective WE
The circle of life represents balance between the ME and the collective WE. The ME cannot survive without the WE and the WE cannot survive without the ME – this is called community!
So when people label you remember to tell them “I am ME and always will be - a part of the collective WE!”
I encourage everyone to join ME in being the collective WE that comes from being the ME that WE are.
The Best Part of All
I read this blog to my two youngest boys before posting it – Eli who is 12 and Seth who is 10.
Eli noted that the diagram looked like magnets which attract each other to create a stronger bond by the pull of opposite charges.
Seth’s comment about my blog was “It’s actually simply complex!” He too noted that the diagram looked like a magnet and if the ME took over the WE or the WE took over the ME then both sides of the magnet would be the same and break the circle of life!
Now the blog post is complete because both my sons and myself have contributed their ME to be a part of the collective WE called community!
Join The Zero Xeno Movement today!
by Bonnie Penner

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If you invert the the whole word ME it becomes the whole word WE! All of ME becomese all of WE. It's complete in its entirety, not just one letter. Love your boys, seems they are a chip off the ol block! Smartie!

Steve W.

People need to get that our world works synergistically! Its time! Kim H.