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What Is Colloidal Silver Doing in My Household Cleaners?

Colloidal silver is simply just silver suspended in water. A colloid is a particle that's broken down to a smaller size so that it becomes suspended in a liquid.
Silver is naturally found in our food and water supply. Many people ingest colloidal silver and claim it has cured them of different ailments. Colloidal silver has very powerful potential when used against viruses, bacteria and other harmful molds and fungi. Colloidal silver's popularity as an antibiotic peaked in the 1920's to 1930's before pharmaceutical-based antibiotics became the medicine of choice.
At Zero Xeno we use colloidal silver in our household cleaners to assist you in making healthy choices and reducing your exposure to endocrine disrupting antibacterials like Triclosan. Toilets, sinks and kitchen counters can harbor a plethora of pathogens, which in turn can contaminate you and your loved ones. Colloidal Silver is an easy and simple way to keep your home clean and safe. Zero Xeno Toilet Bowl Natural Cleaner and Multi-Purpose Natural Cleaner both contain colloidal silver.