Speaking Engagements

Having spent over 28 years researching xenoestrogens and creating product lines that are xenoestrogen-free, Bonnie Penner has become an expert on the topic. Along with providing natural alternatives to personal care and household products, Bonnie has a passion for sharing what she's learned with others and helping them through various health issues. She is gifted at presenting scientific information in a way that is digestible and easy to understand. 
A Wealth of Information
Bonnie speaks on wide range of topics such as hormones, infertility, intersex, and xenoestrogens. Some of her most popular talks are:
  • The 7 Deadly Estro-Sins
  • Xenoestrogen Detox - Your Body & the Environment
  • Zero Xeno Xenoestrogen-Free Products
If you are interested in having Bonnie speak, please email us your request.