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Carrots - Are They the New Antibiotic?

December 08, 2015
Eat a carrot a day and enjoy the prebiotic and antibiotic effect of of this tasty veggie! A peer reviewed study has discovered that an oligosaccharide derived from carrots positively alter the gut's biome and scientists are exploring this component as a new natural antibiotic alternative.
A healthy gut is necessary for detoxification of hormone disrupting ‪xenoestrogens like bisphenol A (BPA) that we're exposed to in our everyday lives. One study states "Although many factors affect the fate of BPA in the environment, BPA degradation is mainly dependent on the metabolism of bacteria." Understanding this info makes you a little more motivated to ensure your gut has the right bacteria in it!
Multitudes of studies now are telling us what Grandma always knew - If you want a healthy body and healthy hormones, respect your gut's bacteria and eat a carrot a day to keep the doctor away. Thankfully science is now catching up with what the ancients already knew!
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by Bonnie Penner

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