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The 7 Deadly Estro-Sins: Introduction

June 23, 2014
Join me as I cut through the 'BS' to learn the 'FACTS' about xenoestrogens!
BPA-Free is a Load of BS!
Did you know the Canadian Government banned BPA, a plastic hardener used in baby bottles because of its potential estrogenic qualities but they didn't ban BPS & BPF which also mimic estrogen? Did you know that a BPA related chemical called TBBPA  is commonly used in children’s pajamas as a fire retardant? Did you know that fragrances may actually be toxic to your reproductive system because of the phthalate content?
How can you protect yourself when you don't know the dangers you face every day?
A Lot to Digest
When you first start learning about xenoestrogens it can be quite overwhelming. I created the '7 Deadly Estro-Sins' acronym as a way to cut through the 'BS' and learn the 'FACTS' about xenoestrogens. Just remember the simple acronym – 'BSFACTS' – and you'll have a handle on the main sources of chemicals that mimic estrogen. 
Learn the Acronym
Layers and Levels
Taking one topic at a time makes decreasing the amount of xenoestrogens in your life more manageable and allows easy exploration of the lifestyle changes needed. By going through the 'BSFACTS' with me you'll learn why xenoestrogens are potentially harmful to your health and how you can effectively avoid them.
In doing so, it's possible to easily and simply eliminate up to 70% of the hormone disrupting chemicals you are commonly exposed to everyday. Let me educate you on 'The 7 Deadly Estro-Sins' and together we can create a xenoestrogen-free world!
Join The Zero Xeno Movement today!
by Bonnie Penner

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