Non-Nano Sized Zinc Oxide

Zero Xeno uses zinc oxide that is non-nano sized, non-irritating, non-allergenic and non-comedogenic. Our zinc oxide has a soothing effect on the skin that's useful in balms and ointments.
We choose to use a non-nano sized zinc oxide because nano sized particles can enter the body and possibly cause ill effects due to their extremely small particle size. A nano particle is a particle that can enter the blood stream but a non-nano particle can't. A non-nano particle sits on the outer surface of the skin and can be actively washed away with soap and water as it's too large to enter the blood stream via the skin.
The term nano comes from the Greek word “nanos” which translates into the English word “dwarf.” 1 nanometre = one billionth of a metre, which means a nanoparticle is smaller than 100 nanometres. A non-nano particle is any measurement larger than 100 nanometres. Our zinc oxide is 325 nanometres, making it a non-nano sized zinc oxide that is safe and effective for multiple applications to the skin.