Purified Water

At Zero Xeno we go the extra mile even when it comes to choosing the type of water we use for each product we manufacture. We filter our water ourselves with the use a 5 stage reverse osmosis, double activated charcoal filter or with our state of the art water distiller. We add food grade hydrogen peroxide to keep our water pure, fresh and free of pathogens. This allows us to provide you with products that are free of bacterial contaminants, heavy metals and dangerous xenoestrogens.
The use of reverse osmosis and distilled water allows us to produce a liquid Castile soap and lotions for your skin that are pure and naturalWe also incorporate the use of colloidal silver in several of our household cleaners. Colloidal silver requires the use of 100% pure water with a low TDS count (total dissolved solids) in order to keep the silver suspended properly. 
Distilled and RO water sources are free of hormone disrupting chemicals that are unfortunately so ubiquitous in our world today. Even though our choice of water is a more expensive choice, we find that it's necessary in order to provide you with the most effective and natural products possible. Zero Xeno takes the time to think about every ingredient, down to the type of water we use, because we care that you get the best, safest products possible.