Shea & Cocoa Butter

Zero Xeno adheres to a strict standard of using only unrefined, organic Shea butter and cocoa butter. This means that all of the natural goodness these butters offer is experienced by everyone who uses our products. We recognize that with the use of natural and unrefined butters some inconsistencies can occur in the color and texture of the product but this doesn't affect its effectiveness. We feel that the efficacy of our unrefined butters outweighs the differences of color and texture. 
Nature represents this concept in a tangible way. Each apple off a tree is unique and never the exact same color or consistency as the one before it. However, a jar of processed applesauce is the same each and every time. This is because the apple sauce is processed with chemicals and additives to create a standard color and consistency. Our standard at Zero Xeno is to create health using unrefined every time with our skin care products.
Unrefined organic Shea butter can granulate over time, this however doesn't change the natural properties or quality of Shea butter. In fact, it proves the unrefined nature of the butter. The warmth of one's skin melts away these granules in Shea butter to create a smooth, moisturizing texture on the skin. Unrefined cocoa butter makes for a rich dark chocolate scent that compares to no other. Our unrefined organic cocoa butter also boasts the natural anti-oxidant, emollient rich properties pure cocoa butter is famous for.

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