The Truth About Sunscreens

Dr. Plourde presents at the Cancer Control Society Convention on the hazards of sunscreen to our health and the environment.

Nutiquette: A Dude's Guide to Checking His Nuts

A Canadian Cancer Society video on testicular cancer.

Testicular Cancer

A NHS video on men and their experiences with testicular cancer. 

The Disappearing Male

A CBC documentary on link between chemicals and the globally declining male birth rate.

Iodine Research

An Iodine Research video on iodine importance and deficiency. 

Endocrine Disruptor Effects on Humans

A Humanity Disrupted video on the various effects of exposure to endocrine disruptors. 

Xenoestrogens and Infertility

The Baby Builders video on xenoestrogens and the effects they have on reproduction. 

Xenoestrogens & Sperm Counts

A video on the effects of xenoestrogens on sperm count. 

What Are Endocrine Disruptors?

A Humanity Disrupted video on endocrine disruptors, their sources and effects. 

Endocrine Disruptors as Obesogens: Is the Environment Making Us Fat?

A Blumberg video lecture on endocrine disruptors as obesogens.