2016 Study Finds Organic Honey Reverses Glyphosate Genotoxicity

Honey from organic floral sources contain polyphenols which a 2016 study discovered can protect people from the genotoxic effects that both the herbicide glyphosate and organophosphorus insecticides may cause.

Role of Honey in Topical & Systemic Bacterial Infections

Due to the development of antibiotic resistant bacteria, and because it contains a natural combination of probiotics, prebiotics, and zinc, honey was reviewed in a 2018 study as a topical wound healer, a cure for diarrhea and as a potential treatment against various microbial infections.

Probiotics in Kimchi Have Antibacterial Activity

Three Lactobacillus strains isolated from kimchi, a fermented food, were found in a 2019 study to have a wide range of antibacterial activity as well as bile salt hydrolase activity and hydrogen peroxide production.

Non-Dairy Probiotic Beverages: The Next Step in Human Health

Probiotics are live microorganisms and can be used to produce a variety of non-dairy, non-alcoholic fermented beverages, like water kefir, kombucha that provide a variety of health benefits to people of all ages.

The Protective Effect of Cheese Consumption in Children

Researchers in a 2018 study have identified protective effects against allergic diseases in children, especially food allergies, if by 18 months of age kids consumed a diverse selection of cheeses and their cultured probiotic microorganisms. 

Topical Application of Kombucha Regenerates Aging Skin

2017 peer reviewed study reveals that extracts from Kombucha assist in regeneration of aging skin and recommend its use to improve age related skin conditions.

Kombucha Applied to the Skin Treats Fungal Seborrhoeic Dermatitis

2016 peer reviewed study recently discovered components naturally contained in Kombucha have anti-fungal properties and recommends its use for topical skin infections.

Scientific Article on the Human Microbiome

Scientific literature that defines and explains the human microbiome.

Fermented Pickles Creates a Healthy Microbiome

A 2017 study reveals that fermented pickles and other veggies create a healthy microbiome in your gut.

Study Discovers Health Benefits of Fermented Foods

A 2017 study discovers that fermented foods are beneficial to your body's long term health and well being.