Will colloidal silver react with the essential oils in your cleaning products?

That is an excellent question. Silver ions can be reactive when mixed with other ingredients that contain a high inorganic mineral content. We only use pure distilled water and steam distilled essential oils in our household cleaning products to ensure there are no minerals to react with our colloidal/ionic silver. Our in-house made liquid Castile soap, that's in our Multi-Purpose Natural Cleaner, contains pure distilled water to ensure it has a low mineral content as well. Our Toilet Bowl Natural Cleaner is acidic because it contains citric acid and phosphoric acid. Silver is acid resistant, so the lower pH of these two ingredients does not affect the efficacy of our cleaner.
We test each batch of distilled water to ensure its purity prior to manufacturing our colloidal/ionic silver. This is done using a total dissolved solids (TDS) meter. After we produce our colloidal/ionic silver, we test it with a pure water test (PWT) conductivity meter, to determine the parts per million (ppm) of silver. Next, we complete a Tindle effect test to ensure our colloidal/ionic silver is of high quality. Lastly, after making our cleaners, we test the cleaning solution one more time to ensure the ppm is no lower than 10 ppm of silver.
It is interesting to note that there are studies which reveal the efficacy of silver increases with the addition of essential oils. Combinations of certain essential oils and silver have been found to be beneficial in the treatment of topical infections and against various infectious pathogens
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